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This program is simply to increase customer loyalty and to reward those who refer their family, friends, and party guests - it's very much appreciated! Contact us if you want to inquire on your rewards points standing, and we'll provide it back to you as soon as possible.


How it works: (Updated 9/25/22*)
It’s simple! Every time you rent from us -or- refer someone to us who rents a bounce house you get a point. Just let us know if you'd like to use your points when renting and we'll apply the discount to your total -or- if you'd like to save them for another rental let us know that as well.


Points work as follows:
1 Point – 10% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)
2 Points – 20% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)
3 Points – 30% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)
4 Points – 40% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)
5 Points – 50% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)

6 Points – 60% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)

7 Points – 70% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)

8 Points – 80% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)

9 Points – 90% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)
10 Points – 100% off 1 regularly priced inflatable (bounce house/slide)

*9/25/22 Update: When we first started this business we only had the small bounce houses, thus our rewards program was centered around them (e.g. 5 points = 1 free all day dry use small bounce house rental). That doesn't make sense anymore since we do more large units then the small ones now. Other thing is in our 8 1/2yrs of business 100% of customers prefer to redeem points immediately no one saves them (seriously), and I can't blame you all most folks can't predict if they will need 5 bounce house rentals so why not take the discount vs. possibly loosing it later (e.g. maybe you move and can't rent from us again). All that in mind we've stretched the points out to 10 and it's all tied to a simple percentage discount off one regularly priced inflatable. We will automatically apply points if we realize you're a previous renter let us know if your that 0.001% I haven't met yet banking them till you want to use them (we can fix the total and save the points). :)




-Discounts apply to the price of the rental only, discount does not apply to tax or delivery fees where applicable.


-Points are earned when rentals are completed. For referral points the follow conditions must be met to be awarded a point: 1) Your referral MUST let us know you referred them 2) The referral notification must be provided to us PRIOR to when the referred customer’s rental starts (latest upon delivery) 3) Your referral must go through with and pay for their rental. If all those conditions are met you will be award a referral point (AND the referred will also get a point for renting - so 1 point for both of you).

-We will apply the points to your most expensive unit if renting multiple inflatables.

-You only get 1 point per rental, even if multiple units are rented. Note: When renting multiple units a 10% combo discount is provided automatically, and points may be redeemed in conjunction with the combo discount.

-If we provide any special discounts (beyond price with points redemption), then any points are considered redeemed. Discounted rental still qualifies for a point itself (after the rental before any referrals you would be reset to 1 point).

Examples Earning Points:

Scenario 1: If you refer a friend who rents Friday, and your party is on Saturday when it's time for your party you will have 1 point which may be redeemed for 10% off (assuming you're a new customer/never rented before), if you opt to save the Friday referral point (don't discount your Saturday rental) then you will have 2 points after your Saturday rental toward a future rental.

Scenario 2: If your party is Friday and your referred friend rents Saturday, you will have 0 points for your rental (assuming you're a new customer), but after Sunday you will have 2 points (1 from your party and one from your referral) to use toward future rentals.


Example Using Points:

(Showing with a delivery fee, 15 miles, for example purposes)

- Redeem 2 points: Rental Cost - 20% Bouncin' Rewards Discount = Discounted Rental Price + $5 for delivery +4 % AL Rental Tax = $Total 

- Redeem 10 points: Free Rental + $5 Delivery Fee + 4% AL Rental Tax = $Total

- Renting 2 units, redeeming 2 points: More expensive unit - 20% Bouncin' Rewards Discount + less expensive unit = total with bouncin' rewards applied - 10% combo discount = new total after combo discount and bouncin' rewards discount + $5 for delivery +4 % AL Rental Tax = $Total

- Church has 2 points from pervious rentals, we discount our cost to meet their event budget (e.g. negotiated price is less then what we would normally charge with points applied) = Would trigger points redemption.

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