With our Bouncin' Rewards Loyalty Program, there are no exclusions!

Contact us if you want to inquire on your rewards points standing.


How it works:
It’s simple! Every time you rent from us or refer someone to us who rents a bounce house you get a point. Just let us know if you'd like to use your points when renting and we'll apply the discount to your total.


Points work as follows:
1 Point – 10% off your next rental
2 Points – 20% off your next rental
3 Points – 30% off your next rental
4 Points – 40% off your next rental
5 Points – 1 FREE* All Day Bounce House Rental (up to $175 in value see below for details)

*Free rental redemption is capped at $175 towards any unit, this is enough to go toward an 8 hour rental of either of our smaller bounce houses (Magic Combo or Misty Kingdom [DRY]), or covers a 3 hour large bounce house rental. For anything above $175 e.g. if wanting a water rental with Misty Kingdom you simply pay the difference of the dry and wet price (currently $40, may be subject to change). If wanting a larger unit i.e. an all day wet rental of EZ Castle you would take the $275 rental price, subtract $175, making the rental cost for EZ Castle $100.


-Discounts apply to the price of the rental only, discount does not apply to tax or delivery fees where applicable.


-Points are earned when rentals are completed. For referral points the follow conditions must be met to be awarded a point: 1) Your referral MUST let us know you referred them 2) The referral notification must be provided to us PRIOR to when the referred customer’s rental starts (latest upon delivery) 3) Your referral must go through with and pay for their rental. If all those conditions are met you will be award a referral point (AND the referred will also get a point for renting - so 1 point for both of you).


-You only get 1 point per rental, even if multiple units are rented. Note: When renting multiple units a 10% combo discount is provided automatically, and points may be redeemed in conjunction with the combo discount.



Scenario 1: If you refer a friend who rents Saturday, and your party is on Sunday when it's time for your party you have 1 point which may be redeemed for 10% off (assuming you're a new customer) - or you may bank the point toward the free rental/$159 off (5 points), if that Saturday referral point goes unused after your rental on Sunday you will have 2 points toward a future rental.

Scenario 2: If your party is Saturday and your referred friend rents Sunday, you will have 0 points for your rental (assuming you're a new customer), but after Sunday you will have 2 points (1 from your party and one from your referral) to use toward future rentals.


How discounts are applied:
- Redeem 5 points for free rental of Misty Kingdom, live 15 miles away: Rental is free, $5 for delivery, $0.20 tax = $5.20

- Redeem 2 points toward Misty Kingdom, live 15 miles away: $175 - 20% ($35) = $140, $5 for delivery, $5.80 tax = $150.80 (without discount total would be $187.20)