Standalone Slide Sizes vs. Combo Slide Sizes

Posted: Jan 23, 2022 / Updated: July 27, 2023

Over the years I had a couple customers ask what size our slide is inside the inflatable and I gave them the true from the floor inside the bounce house to the top of the slide platform measurement ~6 feet, which they immediately went oh never mind *click*. But, I suspect the customer was comparing that to the standalone slide sizes, which are marketing trickery or a half truth... you see the 18 foot slide IS 18 feet (that's true!), but that is from the ground up to the decorations at the top, NOT the actual slide. The picture on the left/above shows an 18 foot slide, the top of the slide to the GROUND is 11 feet, PLUS the bottom of the actual slide still sits on ~2 feet of air chambers (counted in that 11 feet!), so that 18 foot slide is about 9 feet measured straight up and down. 

Using the same logic as the above 18 foot slide, our 5-in-1's slide is ~14 feet! (In reality its 6 feet top to bottom as compared to the ~9 feet of the 18 foot slide).

Our EZ Castle is also around a "14-15 foot slide", and our 2 small bounce houses have a "~8 foot slide" (they are really about 4 feet of a drop). That said your probably also wondering how is it these smaller inflatables have less wasted space? Well the small ones are made for smaller kids so the clearances are lower, an adult can't comfortably go on top of Misty Kingdom's slide platform and slide down, but our larger bounce houses and of course those 18 foot slides have higher ceilings and more space.

Don't let those combo slide sizes fool you it's still a blast and you get room to bounce!