About Us

About Us

We are family owned and operated (husband/wife team), Licensed and insured with rental prices starting at $140! Providing memories and joy to families and their children for any occasion. We are based in Harvest, AL and provide free delivery up to 10 miles out, for each additional mile 11-20: +$2 per mile (e.g. 15 miles = $10 delivery fee; 20 miles = $20 delivery fee), to help cover gas, maintenance, and time) and starting at 21 miles and beyond + $3 per mile (e.g. 25 miles = $35 delivery fee; 30 miles = $50).

Our prices include set-up, take down, and cleaning. We clean and disinfect each inflatable between rentals. Typically cleaning is done on site at setup, because no matter how thoroughly a unit is cleaned, dirt, bugs, and grass may still get on/in a bouncer during setup, take-down, or during transport. As parents we make sure it meets or exceeds our own expectations to allow our kids to play in it.

Advantages of using us as a small business:

We are a licensed, insured business, and we collect and pay rental taxes as required by the the state of Alabama.

About Our Bounce Houses

All our units are commercial grade units. There are cheaper vendors out there (we frequently get emails from Chinese manufactures...), but we would rather spend a bit more and get a known trusted brand then then gamble and have a bounce house collapse on a customer during use.

Your probably wondering doesn't places like Wal-Mart carry bounce houses, what's the difference? They do, but those are residential units, which are cheaper, smaller, and less durable (designed for smaller/lighter kids - typically 100lb max/person, and less frequent or lengthy use). When comparing the two it's night and day, the residential models use Polyester instead of Vinyl for most of their construction, even the stakes (short plastic vs. long metal) and blowers (less powerful, less durable) there are significant differences - you get what you pay for. For more info between residential and commercial models click/tap here.

Our first year we deliberately started off with smaller combo units as they are cheaper (which means cheaper rental cost to you the customer), and generally lighter (easier logistics). For example Magic Combo 10, our 10x15 combo bouncer (10x10 bounce area + 5 foot dual slides), is competitively priced with or below most of our competitors 13x13 bouncers (just a bounce house) – it sacrifices a bit of bounce area, but gives kids more to do (slides) at a similar price point, weight limits, etc.. These smaller units, however start getting to small closer to and beyond the age of 10 (a couple 11-12 yr olds may still work fine, 16 year olds not so much...). We've rounded out our selection by adding large inflatables and slides.