Reservation Deposits and Why We Require Them

Posted: Aug 17, 2018 / Updated: July 26, 2023

I’ll cut to the chase, this is the optimal order to have a conversation with any business you’d like to rent from:

Why did I decide to post this public service announcement?

We get a high number of calls that start along the lines of “how much is it to rent a bounce house?” If we stick to answering questions routinely asked we end up regurgitating the entire contents of our bounce house / pricing page down to we have EZ Castle and it costs $x for 5hrs, $x for 8hrs, etc. then on into does it have a slide, what color is it, how many kids can play in it… we’ll spent upwards of 5-10min on the phone going in great detail about everything except answering the WHEN question. So now the customer has their heart set on a specific bounce house, their ready to pull the trigger, and here comes the bomb shell…. “OK I’d like to book it for tomorrow” (or I need it for Saturday which is 2-3 days out). A majority of the time I get a shocked response when I tell folks it’s not available… Yes, someone planned ahead and booked this thing 6 weeks ago! Not saying their always booked way in advance, but with inflatables its wise to book early, don't wait until a couple days to the event or the day before to try and get one.

So no offense to anyone, but if you start down that road of "how much is a bounce house?" I’m answering your question with a question to get at the root issue – WHEN do you need it. (this also usually throws people off…) Why? I don’t want to go into great details about the 5-in-1, all our pricing, how it has a slide and a netted roof, and an obstacle lane, and comes with 2 basket balls if you need it tomorrow and all I have left is Magic Combo 10, it wastes everyone’s time. We also push toward go look at our site for pricing/info as it’s all laid out with pictures so you can see what you’re getting as opposed to us trying to explain it over the phone, because what you picture in your head from our over the phone description may not match reality. Just wanted to point out we aren’t doing the above to be rude or rushy, but it’s in no one’s interest for us to entertain length discussions that don’t get you the desired results. If your already on the site, have looked at it, or just want general information (e.g. you don't have a set date and your party is 8 months from now) and have questions or concerns or want to know availability we’ll happily assist you!

PS: You can also check availability online 24/7 by going into our booking system (it's on the screen after picking 5/8hr/2 Day rental), it shows times available / unavailable with all of our units laid out next to each other all at once.

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