Booking a Bounce House Online

Posted: Feb 19, 2016 / Updated April 3, 2024

Before we bounce in, the screenshots provided show the site from a regular computer (desktop version) - if your on a phone/tablet it's virtually identical (same steps, graphics, etc.), it's just more compressed.

So you've looked at our bounce houses and pricing, you know what you want and you want to reserve a inflatable or two what do you do? I'll step you through it!

Good to know: 

This process has been updated... we are no longer requiring a deposit to go through the below booking REQUEST process of an inflatable. We are now screening requests (in case there are conflicts, questions, etc.), and if all is good sending an invoice via Square with the full accurate total, and as a subset the request for a $25 deposit up front (the rest is due at delivery). For those who may have used us before the big plus is this eliminates the booking time limit, and stops the oh crap I don't have my card on me moments on the final step while going through the booking site process. Just note: The $25 deposit on the invoice WILL need to be paid prior to us accepting your request on our calendar, this helps ensure you are a real customer and your serious about going through with the rental. (More on deposits here)

Step 1: Click the Book Now link on our site (The button on the top banner shows on all pages)

Booking Step 1: Click on Book Now Button - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Step 2: You are now on our booking site, select the "Book Now" button to proceed.

Good to know: There is useful information in the "About Us" section as well.

Step 3: Select a rental duration - 2-8 hours, or 2+ Days / Overnight

Good to know: Rental time does NOT include setup/delivery, i.e. if you book from 12-5PM we normally delivery around 11AM to ensure time for setup, cleaning, payment, and paperwork so it's ready to go at 12PM (in some cases we have to deliver more than an hour in advance if we have multiple deliveries/schedule conflicts that day - check your square invoice for a more specific time and/or we may contact you). 

Booking Step 3: Select Rental Duration - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Note: If wanting a multi-day or overnight rental select the 2+ Day / Overnight option. (Overnight and 2 day rentals are at the 2 day prices listed - each additional day only costs 50% of the 8 hour rates, e.g. a 3 day rental is the cost of 2 x 8 hour rentals.

Step 4: Select a date

Good to know: If the date is grayed out we are closed/unavailable that day. (In some cases we may be able to accommodate e.g. bring a day prior/pickup day after, etc. contact us). Your allowed to book up to a year in advance.

Booking Step 4: Select a Date - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Step 5: Select the inflatable and start time (Below date selector on the same page) 

For multiple unit rentals (2 or more): Just select one of the units. In step 6 I'll cover how to book additional units. *Make sure both units you want are available* if its already grayed out then it is already booked.

Good to know: 

1) Times will be grayed out if they are already booked (or are closed that day).

2) Our latest pickup time is normally 8PM, and 5PM on Sundays.

3) Please don't book directly in front of or behind a grayed out section (leave a couple hours space), if its grayed out its already booked and if that rental is till 3:59/4PM and you pick 4PM there is no likelihood we can magically break that unit down, transport it and set it back up at another location in 1 minute.

Booking Step 5: Select Inflatable and Start Time - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Note for overnight/2+ Day rentals: Due to system limitations we've made this option a "15 minute" rental in the booking system - just be mindful of that if your booking for Apr 20-21 it'll let you pick the start time on Apr 20th even if its already booked on April 21st. We will promptly let you know if this is the case though, you can also check each day your wanting to book to verify its not grayed out in the booking system also. *Once the deposit is paid when we accept the booking we can manually adjust it on our end with custom start and end times.*

Step 6: Details, details! (please double check everything)

1) Provide your name, email and phone # (so we can get a hold of you if necessary)

2) Provide your Address (so we know where to bring it/them, determine delivery fee (if applicable) and appropriate tax rate)

3) Let us know how you want it setup (indoor/outdoor, stakes/sandbags - we don't lug around 200lbs of sandbags unless it's necessary, most setups are outdoors and staked in the ground (safest method for outside use).

4) Let us know if it will be for wet or dry use and if wet use do you need a garden hose or is one available?

5) Provide us your setup location: Is it your house? A relatives house? Are you renting a space (e.g. church hall), or is this for a business? This helps us better plan and coordinate. (NOTE: Customer is responsible for validating inflatable setup is OK in rented spaces/parks).

6) Drop off and pickup time sensitivity, can we bring it early or pick up late? Is there hard time requirements? This takes a lot of guess work out on our end and helps us plan our routes. e.g. if we have 2 12PM drop offs and one is time sensitive, and the other is flexible that lets us quickly hone in on asking the flexible customer if bringing it 1-2hrs earlier is a OK, and knowing up front the other rental has little to no flex to work around it.

7) We have 3 checkboxes, this is to avoid surprises and expectation management: 1) We need a clear path, e.g. If we show up and the lawn/driveway is stuffed with 10 cars to where we can't even get back there to pickup the inflatable that slows everything down. 2) We need power and water (if wet use) near the setup location, also with power/extension cords you can only go so far safely the longer the cord the higher the risks of overheating/issues. 3) Acknowledgement that we will be sending an invoice, of which a $25 deposit is due up front. (Another awareness layer to avoid someone sending a booking request and thinking their 100% done).

8) Provide any useful comments (optional), If you need a custom rental time e.g. more then 2 days, you may provide any extra directions above and beyond what Google Maps provides if necessary, and provide any special instructions or requests, like tarps, garden houses, or if wanting ball pit balls for a unit other than Misty Kingdom, if we need to get it by a certain time, etc. You can put anything here!

9) List who referred you (if applicable/optional) so we can give them referral credit for our Bouncin' Rewards Program and/or if you found us on an advertisement or the web somewhere you may also list that so we know where to focus advertising / what works. 

10) Read/Agree with the booking site terms and conditions and our cancellation policy.

11) Click on "Confirm Booking Request" to continue.

For multiple unit rentals (2 or more): You can select "Book additional inflatables", and step through the process of picking another item in our inventory.

Booking Step 6: Booking Details - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Step 6a: Additional questions for overnight/2+ Day rentals

This option will add 2 additional questions:

1) Multi-Day Rental Length (how many days?)

2) My desired pickup time is... pretty self explanatory since it's not a fixed 5hr, 8hr, etc. its very helpful for us to know when you are done with it. e.g. overnight rental Apr 20-21, pickup time 9AM (you just wanted it late on Apr 20th); or a max 2 day rental e.g. party start time of 9AM on Apr 20th, pick 2 day / overnight, desired pickup time 8PM (latest pickup time available).

Step 7: Booking Request Confirmation

If you see the pending confirmation that means you've successfully submitted the request. Now just sit tight and wait for us to do our step. We'll push out an invoice to you as soon as possible (we generally get them out in 24hrs or less). I've looked into automating this somehow and come to the conclusion it's not possible to accurately do that, so after these requests are received we have to: 1) Verify how this booking fits into our existing schedule (determine pickup/drop off windows); 2) validate which tax jurisdiction(s) your in as taxes in Alabama are based on delivery address; and 3) determine delivery fee (if applicable).

Booking Step 7: Booking Request Confirmation - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Step 8: Square Invoice Received

You'll receive an email like the one below. Click on Pay Deposit.

Booking Step 8: Rental Deposit Payment via Square - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

Step 9: Review Invoice, Pay Deposit, Sign Rental Agreement

Once you click on the link in the email it'll take you to the full square invoice. We've included/reiterated the important pieces at this stage (info on deposits, refunds/cancellations, prepayment of full invoice, Rental Agreement, and Drop off and pickup estimates). The rental agreement can be found toward the bottom of the invoice. If all this is completed we just need to take the final payment at delivery (remaining $203.80 in the example shown). Of course let us know if there are any questions.

Booking Step 9: Review Invoice, Pay Deposit, Sign Rental Agreement - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL
Booking Step 9: Review Invoice, Pay Deposit, Sign Rental Agreement - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL

That's the whole thing from start to finish! After we receive the deposit payment we will accept it on our calendar/schedule. The remaining balance will be due AT delivery (typically after it's setup), at that time you may pay with Cash / Check / Credit / Debit / Venmo / Cashapp.

NOTE: Payment processor fees are non-refundable, if you opt to prepay your full invoice and for some reason the rental gets cancelled/can't  be done (lack of power, weather, etc.) just be advised its *less payment processor fees* if we have to refund (recommend paying after its setup to be safe).

As always if you need any assistance with booking, or have any questions feel free to contact us!

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