Renter Responsibilities/Liability

Posted: Oct 30, 2021 / Updated: July 26, 2023

I considered this a common sense item that didn't need to be said out loud, but apparently it does need to be said as we've recently had someone complain that they didn't want to be responsible for our inflatable blower/equipment (not kidding). If you rent or lease something YOU (the renter) are responsible for that item and the use of that item until it is picked up or turned back in, no matter what it is, if your friend lends you something same thing your responsible for it, if it gets lost or broken the expectation is you replace or fix it right? 

Car Accident Example - Bounce House Rental of Harvest, AL, Serving Huntsville, Madison, Redstone, Athens, Ardmore, Hazel Green, Elkmont, Meridianville

Couple examples to kick things off:

You rent a tuxedo or dress - it gets snagged on a door handle and rips or you spill sauce on it that will not come out, it's reasonable to assume the rental place will charge you a cleaning fee, repair fee, or make you pay FULL replacement cost.

You rent a car - lets say you park the car, go inside shopping, someone smashes into it in the parking lot and drives off... it's not even your fault, but in the event you can't catch whoever hit you the rental company is going to expect YOU to get it fixed, you rented the car! (e.g. pay for repairs, go through your insurance, or have their addon coverages, etc.) Likewise if the car gets totaled (like the cloths example) they'd expect replacement cost of the vehicle from someone. 

What are my responsibilities renting an inflatable?: The renter is responsible for the rented equipment (we expect the inflatable to be returned back in reasonably the same condition we gave it to you), and the renter is responsible for the safety of all participants using the equipment. 

What does Reasonably mean: We expect grass, leaves, pine straw, and some mud if its a wet rental, etc. when we pick them back up if we happen to see a candy wrapper or 2 from something a kid snuck in we're not going to make a big fuss either (depending on quantity and severity) - just like rental car companies consider crumbs, dust, grass on the floor mats, etc. as not a big deal they'll (should be) vacuum and clean out the car before giving it to the next person. Slight wear and tear is also expected.

What we expect renters to watch for: 

1) Keep the equipment safe Keeping the blower/power cords DRY, ensure no one brings sharp objects, marks or colors on the equipment, no food, drinks, or candy, etc. and there should be NO silly string anywhere near the inflatables!! e.g. My cousin brought that silly string here not me, is not an out YOU SIGNED THE PAPERS, YOU are responsible. We also shouldn't see chewing gum stuck to the vinyl, greasy chips crushed inside, a bottle/pouch of apple juice spilled all over, etc.

2) Keep the participants safe, don't allow horseplay, people shouldn't be sliding head first, keep jumpers around same reasonable size/weight, no shoes, it should NOT be used or even running if raining, lightning, or winds over 20MPH. Please DO NOT leave kids unsupervised the inflatables are not baby sitters, our paperwork clearly outlines someone should watch them we DO NOT provide an attendant to do that.

Some folks go above and beyond putting mats/entrance rug, etc. to keep grass out, worried about the leaves, attempting to clean off mud before pickup, etc. and we really appreciate that (above and beyond customers like the folks who take their car rental to the car wash and vacuum it out before turn in I'm sure enterprise appreciates you), but its not expected. On the flipside, for those I'm writing this for primarily... renting something doesn't mean you can return it a dumpster fire and it's not your problem, please take care of our property, we WILL charge you if it's got silly string, kids had free reign to cover the inflatable in sand and dirt, it's full of sticky drinks and candy, etc. etc. In the case of silly string it MAY result in full replacement cost if it is bad enough.


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