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Differences with Wet and Dry Rentals

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Rainforest Rapids 18' setup for a party

With temperatures heating up water inflatables are a great way to cool off! There is no question they are great fun, but adding water in the mix with inflatables adds a bit more challenges for safety, as well as additional considerations for setting up, taking it down, and cleaning/drying. With all that in mind we charge a little extra to rent units wet (~$50).

The added safety issue is when vinyl is wet it gets slippery increasing risks of accidents and injuries. For wet rental setups we also have to take in account drainage of the property, try to make sure water won't affect the blower and extension cords.

Cleaning wise, with back to back dry rentals we just take them down and store them until the next use - after its setup again we vacuum, disinfect, and wipe the unit down (areas used like entrances/exits, bounce areas, pillars/walls, climbing surfaces, slides, and landings).

If inflatables become wet for any reason (wet rental, rain, etc.) once we get back home we have to blow the unit back up ASAP, set the unit on an incline (so most of the water inside runs to one place), pull all the slide, climbing, and landing covers off, let it air dry, then clean the unit, reattach covers, and ensure the air chambers inside are dry. The unit may have to sit outside drying for 1-3 days... this is why we charge extra, it's not for the use of the sprayer attachment or a garden hose, it's for the cleanup afterwards.

Drying a wet bounce house be it a home use one or for commercial purposes is critical, if water stays inside it will cause mold and mildew and will ruin the unit! I've witnessed firsthand what happens if you get sloppy about this, we've looked at some used units before and the person selling them told us they had never bothered to remove the vinyl covers (slide/landing/pool area, etc.) on the units, no need according to them, the unit reeked of mold and mildew standing next to it, plus you could see dark spots throughout the units. We try to be as thorough as possible with drying units to prevent this from happening, keeping our units as like new as possible for all to enjoy.

If you do get a wet rental from us, one thing we do ask is PLEASE leave the unit running if possible when done this allows us to drain/wipe up as much water as possible before deflating it, once the unit deflates those seams that let air out will let water in (we want to minimize this as much as possible), on most units you cannot see/get inside of them to dry the inside out, out of our 4 units the 1 exception is EZ Castle Wet and Dry that has a big zipper opening, we can climb in though this zipper and dry the inside of the unit out while it's inflated (not for the cluster phobic). Once a unit is deflated, rolled, and transported whatever water is left on/in it will go EVERYWHERE, the unit will be wet from the very top on down to the bottom and inside, and it just bubbles out of air seams all over once it's re-inflated, this is why all the covers have to be removed to dry everything properly. Also for transportation reasons bear in mind each gallon of water equals 8 pounds, these units are already pretty heavy as is.

After covering the joys of drying out a wet bounce house, I will close with this, if you book a dry rental it needs to be dry at pickup, with the exception of weather (rain or dew), we will charge a $50 wet use fee (or the wet use price of the unit if cheaper) if the unit is soaked, you are not paying the extra money for the use of a sprayer attachment, you are primarily paying for cleaning and drying, if it's a dry rental keep water guns, water balloons, hoses, sprinklers and liquids in general away. If you decide to do a wet rental at the last minute, because it's 99 degrees outside that's ok, just let us know and pay the difference - we can set it up right with the sprayer attachment (we usually keep those with us). Circling back to weather, if there is a significant threat of rain/lightning/high winds we reserve the right to cancel the rental (refund will be provided) for the safety of everyone and our equipment.

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