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8) Ball Pit Balls (Addon)

Ball pit balls come free with Misty Kingdom, and can be added on as a $5 extra fee for all other bounce houses. When booking, add in comments block if your wanting ball pit balls (aside from Misty Kingdom) so we can add to your rental.

***NOTE: We ONLY provide a bag of balls, this is to add to an inflatable your renting from us or customer provided pit/kiddy pool. Balls must go back in bag, there is a $20 fee if we have to collect them.***

*Good to know: Magic Combo 10 and 5-in-1 DO NOT have a specific ball pit space, they can be added in the bounce area though if desired. EZ Castle, Castle Combo, and Tropical Wave Slide has a really deep pool that they can be placed in, but it's so big and deep that it will not be filled with a bag of ball pit balls.
*Must be booked with a bounce house, however balls do not have to be used in the bounce house (e.g. can fill a kiddie pool with them).​ We do NOT provide a stand alone "ball pit" just the balls.
*Balls must be put back in bag at end of rental (recommend having kids help), $20 fee if we have to pick them up, very time consuming chore with few hands.

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