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5) Misty Kingdom (Wet or Dry Use)

**Smaller Bounce House:** 7x9 Bounce Area + Slide (Wet or Dry, 4' Drop) + Ball Pit (Balls included!) (13Lx14Wx8H)
*Rental Rates Without Water (Dry Slide):
Up to 5 Hours - $160 / 8 Hours - $185 /
2 Days - $277.50 (i.e. Sat. morning to Sun. Evening)
*Rental Rates With Water (Wet Slide):
Up to 5 Hours - $200 / 8 Hours - $225 /
2 Days - $337.50 (i.e. Sat. morning to Sun. Evening)

*Maximum Weight: 200lbs/person, 900lbs total, Recommended Age Range: 3-10yrs old
*Can handle about 6 on bounce house + slide at a time safely
*Good to Know: This unit is open on top, for hot sunny days it is best to place in a shaded area if used outdoors, vinyl may get uncomfortable (warm/hot) in direct sunlight. Wet use (cold water) will of course help offset some of that.
*If using ball pit balls, please put balls back in bags when done! (recommend getting kids to help), there is a $20 fee if we have to pick up balls (very time consuming with few hands).
*Ideas for large events/lots of kids (corporate/school/church, etc.): Kids enter the bounce house via bounce area, come out via slide, in event kids are hanging in bounce area just limit number of kids in unit at a time - encourage stragglers to slide/move on if needing to rotate kids. We don't recommend ball pit balls for large events (corporate/church/school, etc.).
*Indoor use suitability: This will fit inside single story structures (e.g. we've setup in garages, party rooms, etc.) assuming there is sufficient clearance (13Lx14Wx8H), and be mindful for taller participants there is a risk they may jump and bump their head on something above (if light fixture, garage door motor, ceiling fan, etc. are hanging overhead in that space and clearance is tight ~8-9 foot ceilings).
*Power Requirements: 1 blower = 1 standard US outlet, Needs 8 Amps / 960W

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