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4) Magic Combo 10 (Dry Use Only)

**Smaller Bounce House:** 10x10 Bounce Area + 5 Foot Dual Slides (15Lx10Wx8.5H)
*Rental Rates (DRY ONLY):
Up to 5 Hours - $140 / 8 Hours - $165 /
2 Days - $247.50 (i.e. Sat. morning to Sun. Evening)

*Maximum Weight: 200lbs/person, 800lbs total, Recommended Age Range: 3-10yrs old
*Can handle about 6 in bounce house at a time safely
*Good to Know: This unit is open on top, for hot sunny days it is best to place in a shaded area if used outdoors, vinyl may get uncomfortable (warm/hot) in direct sunlight.
*Ideas for large events/lots of kids (corporate/school/church, etc.): Kids enter the bounce house via center climbing lane, come out via slides on sides, in event kids are hanging in bounce area just limit number of kids in unit at a time, encourage stragglers to slide/move on if needing to rotate kids.
*Indoor use suitability: This will fit inside single story structures (e.g. we've setup in garages, party rooms, etc.) assuming there is sufficient clearance (15Lx10Wx8.5H), and be mindful for taller participants there is a risk they may jump and bump their head on something above (if light fixture, garage door motor, ceiling fan, etc. are hanging overhead in that space and clearance is tight ~8-9 foot ceilings).
*Power Requirements: 1 blower = 1 standard US house outlet, Needs 8 Amps / 960W

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