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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Reminder of our Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Update/Edit #2 - We are closed for the duration of the stay at home order.

Update/Edit - We will continue renting inflatables at this time, but have added safety measures for ourselves (mask/gloves/aersol disinfectant spray), and will limit human contact during setup/take down. Our business is to rent inflatables what the renters plan/do is up to their discretion, however we implore you to limit rentals to the immediate family (household) or very small gatherings to comply with social distancing and gathering rules during the pandemic. If Alabama goes to the next step of shelter in place/lockdown we will stop rentals.

This virus can spread to people who exhibit no symptoms or mild symptoms, but are still contagious and may pass it on to someone who will wind up in the hospital, please do your part to limit the spread! (Reference:


Due to the pandemic we relooked our current policies, and do not believe we need to tweak anything as we've always had a very flexible policy in place for whatever life throws at us - booking a party for July in December.... you have no earthly idea what may happen between now and then and we totally understand that, flexibilities are already built in for sickness be it COVID-19, flu, strep throat, or any other issues that may arise.

To reiterate our current policy:

Rescheduling: You may always reschedule for any reason, subject to availability, could be the day before or 2 months out, just let us know your new preferred date and we'll let you know if your chosen bounce house is available, or perhaps a different bounce house that may be acceptable to you.

Cancellations: You can cancel your rental and receive most/all* of your deposit back if done at least 14 days prior to the rental for any reason. Additionally, we will also provide most/all* of your deposit back if cancelling due to weather (rain/lightning/high winds) as long as the cancellation is received prior us having your rental loaded and on the way.

*What we credit back if we refund your deposit: (Bottom Line - we recommend SquareUp…) -PayPal - we will refund $23.97 - a full refund of our deposit proceeds (due to a change in PayPal's terms effective Oct 2019, the $1.03 processing fee they charge us for taking a $25 deposit is no longer reimbursed/reversed...) -SquareUp - Square still provides FULL fee reversal you will receive your full $25 back.

Circling back to sickness, we do clean our bounce houses with disinfectant spray, and they generally only rent Saturday's so there is about a 7 day window or more between rentals (not every inflatable is rented out every week). That said, it just takes 1 child sick at your party. As a fellow parent I implore you if your child is sick reschedule the party, or if your an attendee don't come please don't spread flu, strep, croup, COVID-19, or anything else around please! Also, dosing your child with Tylenol or Motrin may make them feel better and make the fever go away, but they are still sick and contagious. It isn't safe to unquarantined until they are a ok (no symptoms) WITHOUT medicine.

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