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Booking a Bounce House Online

Before we bounce in, the screenshots provided show the site from a regular computer - if on mobile it's virtually identical (same steps, graphics, etc.), it's just more compress.

So you've looked at our bounce houses and pricing, you know what you want and you want to reserve a bouncer or two what do you do? I'll step you through it, from the basics to the more challenging bookings it's all in here!

Good to know: 1) DO NOT hit the back button, it will take you back to our website and you will most likely have to start over. If you need to go back to a previous step in the booking processes click/tap the previous step on the step list by the top of the booking site. If you DO hit the back button inadvertently wait 10 minutes and try again, if you try it again right away it'll hold your reservation and show it's not available (see tip 2 below it's related).

2) The system gives you 10 minutes (default setting) to go through and complete the booking, this can be adjusted by us if need be, but the issue with setting it to long is if someone is far into the booking processes (at the payment step) and something happens (i.e. hitting the back button/exiting out) they cannot rebook again until that time out period ends - that unit for that date/time will show booked until it times out.

3) To book online you will need a debit or credit card, or a PayPal account (if you have a PayPal account you may also pay via a linked checking or savings account). We also accept checks/money orders via snail mail or cash in person, easiest is to do it online, but we will work with you if that isn't possible.

Step 1: Click the Book Now link on our site (can also be done straight from our Facebook page)

Now you're on our booking site (pictured below), Select the "BOOK NOW" button to continue!

Step 2: Select a rental duration - 3, 5, or 8 hours by clicking the select button next to the rental time you need. Note: If wanting special rental durations (ex. 2 or more days, select 8hr and let us know in comments (in step 5) Good to know: Rental time does NOT include setup/delivery, i.e. if you book from 12-5PM we normally delivery around 11AM to ensure time for setup, cleaning, payment, and paperwork so it's ready to go at 12PM (in some cases we have to deliver more than an hour in advance if we have multiple deliveries/schedule conflicts that day - will coordinate with you prior if that occurs).

Step 3: Select a date. Good to know:

1) If the date is grayed out we are closed/unavailable that day.

Step 4: Select the unit and start time (Below date selector on the same page) For multiple unit rentals (2 or more): Just select one of the units. In step 5 I'll cover how to book additional units. Good to know: 1) Times will be grayed out if they are already booked.

2) Our latest pickup time is 8PM.

3) All bookings are set 2 hours longer in the system then the actual rental time i.e. a 9-11AM rental would be blocked off till 1PM, we had to do this due to an incident where one customer i.e. booked it from 1-4PM and someone else booked it at 4PM right behind them. With that in mind, with the 2 hour buffer built in now you should be ok to book directly in front of or behind someone else's reservation (if there is an issue we will let you know promptly).

Step 5: Details, details!

1) Provide your name, email and phone # (so we can get a hold of you if necessary)

2) Provide your Address (so we know where to bring it/them)

3) Let us know how you want it setup (indoor/outdoor, stakes/sandbags - we don't lug around 200lbs of sandbags unless it's necessary, most setups are outdoors and staked in the ground (safest method).

4) Let us know if it will be for wet or dry use

5) Provide any useful comments (optional), If you need a custom rental time i.e. 2 days, 5 days, etc., you may provide any extra directions above and beyond what Google Maps provides if necessary, and provide any special instructions or requests, like tarps, garden houses, or if wanting ball pit balls for a unit other than Misty Kingdom. You can put anything here!

6) List who referred you (if applicable/optional) so we can give them referral credit for our Bouncin' Rewards Program and/or if you found us on an advertisement or the web somewhere you may also list that so we know where to focus advertising / what works. For multiple unit rentals (2 or more): Can do 1 of 2 ways 1) In the Comments block list any additional units you may want (as I said in #4 above block can be used for anything!) and we will reserve the other units in the system for you (it's that easy!) OR 2) You can go through the booking processes separately for each unit (would require a $25/deposit per unit - this does count toward your total).

Step 6: Deposit Payment ($25) - We currently accept PayPal (7a) and Square (7b) for payment processing, click/tap the circle next to your preference and hit Confirm Booking, it'll take you to the processor site to securely pay the deposit. Good to know: If you have a PayPal Account and it's up to date, PayPal is easiest (just login and hit pay), if you DO NOT have PayPal, Square is easiest (just provide card #, expatriation, security code, and billing zip).

Step 7a: PayPal - Easiest for those who have an up to date PayPal account.

If you have a PayPal account: Login with your username and password, adjust any options (i.e. payment methods) you need to and hit Pay, and you're done!

If you do not have a PayPal account: Select "Pay with Debit or Credit card" and fill in the rest as you would for any other online purchase. When done filling it out hit Pay, and you're done!

Good to know:

The info on here MUST match what is on file with your card company! This means if you just moved and haven't updated your address yet with the card issuer put in your old address (billing address), etc. All info on here is strictly related to billing (only PayPal gets this info) to processes your card it has no bearing on what we see/receive.

Step 7b: Square - Easiest option for those without an up to date PayPal account.

Square will process virtually any Debit or Credit Card. All square requires is a card number, expiration, security code, and billing zip code making it significantly easier as opposed to PayPal, which additionally requires an email, phone number, and full address for non PayPal users.

Good to know:

The Postal Code (Zip Code) MUST match the billing address of that card.

That's the whole thing from start to finish! One last note, after we receive your booking (usually within 24hrs) I will utilize that awesome write whatever comments block to fill in your total, what's due at delivery, and the breakdown of the total (rental, delivery, tax). This will generate another email to you notifying you of a change to your booking (don't be alarmed) - this provides you the total (in the change email), as well as helps us with book keeping. The remainder will be due AT delivery (typically after it's setup), at that time you can pay with cash/check/credit/debit/PayPal, if it is credit or debit we will need to swipe your card again.

As always if you need any assistance with booking, or have any questions feel free to contact us!

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